Sunday, December 04, 2005

New respect for spinner classes

Well this weekend I too trained in shorts and shirt!!! Saturday morning I woke up to a winter wonderland and realised that it would be an indoor training weekend. I wanted to break up the monotony of training in the basement, so I decided to do a spinner class at the local gym. As my coach knows, I have, or I should now say, I had a thing against spinning class. In my mind it was a bunch of wankers pretending they knew how to ride. Well, my opinion changed on Saturday. I reluctantly went to the local gym and participated in my first spin class, thinking it would be a walk in the park. Well what can I say, it literally kicked my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Within 10 minutes I was sweating enough to over come Colorados drought problem and by half way point, I was looking for the oxygen tank as the instructor urges us to push that little bit harder. "Up out of the saddle, then down, spin harder, faster, see the competition." I have never wanted something to be over so bad, I am sure that time stood still because every time I looked at the clock, it seemed to never change..........
Needless to say, I am now hooked I WANT to be the wanker that goes to the gym and does a spin class. I have also learnt the lesson, not to make a judgement on something until you have tried it first. Thanks coach for putting it in my program.
As for the picture... WOW looks as though you cowgirls know how to have fun ;) Are they supergirl pants??? Team issue???
Rachel, hope you got that epic mtb ride in and are healing well. Natalie - be careful on that ice, I teach little wankers like the one that took you out and they are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!
Rebecca I am going to join you with a glass of wine, a girl can't drink alone!!!!!!!!!!!
Till next time....



Blogger Cowgirls Cycling Team said...

Thanks for the laughs, Trish. I'm glad you're one of the wankers now. Some of them are really strong!!

6:47 AM  

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