Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Cross Training

Christmas day is a good day to train, especially if you mix it up as I did. Me, my friend Mallory and her husband Gary and their neighbor Kay hopped on the horses for a ride around the farm. Gary brings his own style to riding a horse. Note the cigar and the Santa hat on his horse. Gary got a new bike for Christmas, a Cannondale Caad5. I didn't break it to him yet that he can't have a cigar while he's on his bike. He'll be sad but he's going to have to learn fast to keep up with Mallory anyway so he won't have time to be thinking about a cigar. Maybe I can find them a century ride to do together that includes a cigar in the goody bag? Oooh, now there' s an idea. Forget the gel packets in the goody bag. Just get some red wine and cigars and you'd reach a whole new market of cyclists!

Just so you don't think I didn't ride my bike yesterday, I did that too for an hour before I rode the horse. Then I ate a fabulous meal cooked by the amazing Mallory. We had turkey and stuffing and cranberries and potatoes and lots of great wine and conversation.

After dinner I flopped into an enormous beanbag chair and thanks to the wine I had a hard time getting out of it to go home. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Thanks Mal & Gary!


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