Sunday, September 09, 2007

What is Boulder like?

It all started when I saw this sweet car that I wanted to share with all of you. I took the time to stop and take the picture with my phone.

Then, the whole ride, I realized that I see some pretty funny stuff here in Boulder that may not seem normal to other people. I hope this blog will help you understand why people love/hate/make fun of Boulder.

Instead of spraying poisonous weed killer, Boulder hires goats to eat the weeds. So, a couple times each summer a herd of goats come in get busy. As you can see, these goats are full and slacking.

Here is Jaws attacking someone while they went to the well for water. Yikes- this takes my fear of sharks to a whole new level.
Really, this person just enjoys decorating the garden.

Ok, this made me laugh out loud. Two guys training in the creek. Serious athletes? A dime a dozen here in Boulder. Oh, and there are lots of pools available here in Boulder too. So, the fact that these guys decide to swim against the current in the creek that runs through the middle of town... this cracks me up!

And, this is why I am one who loves Boulder! Remember- this is my camera from my phone.


Anonymous dq said...

wow, nice photos and I'm in the "Love Boulder" camp. If there was a "I heart Boulder" bumpersticker I'd have one!!

Thanks for the visual tour. did I mention that I'll be there next Month? Let's get together!

8:42 AM  

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