Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gateway Cup and Other Activities

Where have I been all this month? Well, while some girls were racing Elgin, I was at a wedding.

And while some girls were racing Downers Grove, I was at a wedding.

Yep, it was a wedding on a farm, and I was indeed wearing jeans. And, that is a goat with no ears.

I’m done with weddings for the year, so I headed out to St Louis for the Gateway Cup this weekend. Tagged along with Jordan’s team, which is a pretty nice setup if you don’t mind a hotel room of stinky boys ;) Friday was a nighttime crit (I wouldn’t call it twilight ‘cause it was completely dark by the time we raced at 8:30pm). I felt pretty good and followed a few moves; even got in one that looked like a good mix, but nothing stuck until a few laps to go when 2 ladies got off the front and held it ‘til the end. I tried working on my positioning for the end, and again couldn’t manage to stay far enough at the front in the last lap. Sprinted around ~ 5 girls at the end for 14th, but pay was only 10 deep. Oh well.

By the time the boys finished racing, it was late, and the only restaurant open was an IHOP. Turns out they fired a cook last night, so it took like 45 minutes for us to get our food, and then they messed up my order on top of that. Didn’t get to sleep ‘til almost 3am, so I was seriously considering skipping Saturday’s race. I sucked it up and paid my entry fee and lined it up.

Once I started racing, it wasn’t so bad. I covered a few things, got in a break, and chased down a couple of dangerous moves.

Nope, not off the back, but bridging up to two other girls who were off the front. All the major teams were represented, so I thought this would be a good use of a match, but alas, too many sprinters wanted things to stay together, and the move was quickly chased down.

Here we are peacefully racing along. Until...

With one to go, I thought I was in good position to get a top 10 this time, but I saw the two girls directly in front of me start riding into each other. ‘Oh jeez, hold it up ladies!’ Yea, they didn’t. I watched them go down in front of me and contemplated how I could get out of this, but there was no way, and straight into the pile I went. My front wheel dove right into the pile as I unclipped to try to get my foot down before I hit them. The foot ended up going right into one girl’s wheel, and then I just landed on the pavement square on my ass. Another girl careening into the pile got me in the head for good measure. No road rash, no broken bones, and the Cannondale mechanice fixed my front wheel, so no real harm. Seems like maybe I would have been better off sitting that one out though.


Blogger KatE said...

Nice Work Rachel! you defiantly rock. So the question is... were the pancakes worth it... and what kind were they!!??

Darn weddings- sorry I missed you this weekend, but, alas-- I only have one more wedding to attend this summer (fall!??)!

7:19 PM  
Anonymous dq said...

Nice racing Eikes! I'm sorry you crashed though. Dang, you and St. Louis...what's with that? We'll have to get you some anti-gravitational cream for next year.

Glad you are done with weddings too. It's time for cross!

8:58 AM  

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