Monday, July 30, 2007

A pictorial of the first 4 hours of 24-9

So many stories to tell, not enough time. Here's a quick look at some of the fun that is a 24 hour race with the best mates ever...Team America's Dairyland takes on 24-9.

It started Friday when I picked up Bunny (Betsy) at the airport in Madison. We packed up the car and were ready to hit the road with Rachel around 5. We made it one hour in the car before we needed to stop for ice cream and coffe. Note to self; don't EVER order decaf from ANY establishment the night before a 24 hour race. I did not get decaf, but that's ok--sleep was not part of the weekend anyway!

Here's Betsy and Eikes, standing by the car with my sweet Gary Fisher Hi Fi Pro in between (new 2008 model..with the new XTR even!).

We made it to Wausau by 8 and Kate's Dad not only had his camper set up for us--complete with Got Milk banner and team poster--but he had pasta on the stove.
Papa Dan was good to us all weekend...thanks Dad!

So we had to sign in and seeing as we were never far from the camera we got a photo of the sign in

and one of us picking up our numbers. Leave it to the really young'uns to be hamming it up in the background.

Our teammate Ken showed up to give us some support. We mostly talked smack about the race and how much we were going to eat. Here he is trying to look like he's not straining after I'd jumped in his lap.

We got our numbers and decided they looked like those numbers that perps held up when they got their photos taken at the police station. We didn't look very badass for the photo but we tried again to look more like we'd just robbed a quickie mart and were really really sorry. Here we managed to look like someone stole our last clif bar.

So we made it back to ken's, post pasta dinner, and Ken was a most gracious host. I didn't sleep much (due to the coffee I'd had) but none-the-less, it was nice to havea real bed to almost sleep in.

We got up early and went straight to Starbucks, and after that to camp. Here's Rachel, getting in a few relaxing minutes of business reading before we started out.
She's looking mighty smart in those pink Tifosi shades.

The start of the event was LeMond style start; run about .5 km and jump on your bike. We nominated Betsy for that part when she wasn't around to protest.

And here she is..shoving off into the fray and on the first of her laps.

The sea of humanity on bikes took off and disappeared into the forest. kate, Rachel and I looked at each other and kind of shrugged and thought "well, we're on the road!"

Kate started getting ready then and we'd figured out our buddy system. That's to help the riders stay on target for timing--so we know how long we have (approx) to get ready for our next lap.

Here's shot of Kate getting ready to tag off from Bunny when she comes in.

While Kate was sitting in the tent, I was thinking about getting ready as I was to follow Kate. Kate and Bunny turned in some excellent lap times. Rachel and I were behind them in time but we did ok, in spite of being roadies! Rachel, being the diligent preparer (dang, how I admire that quality) went out and rode with her headlamp on some trails in Madison to make sure she'd be ok. She did just fine, even scared a few locals out of their britches when she came up on them fast with her supa bright lights on.

And what would a bike race be like without porta potties??!! Here's a few we all saw more than a few times. (bet no one has blogged a porta john before....) that's what the start of a 24 hour race is like. Stay tuned for the musical!!


Blogger Bovis Fugit said...

You guys are bad!
A couple comments- the photo line-up. Kate looks like she is sad she did something. Rebecca and Rachel look scary and Bunny looks drugged. I think Rebecca was the guilty one!
That is the cleanest port-o-john ever!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous dq said...

It wasn't me..I swear!!!

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures and detailed blog entry on your 24 hour ride. It's just like being there--only with less sweat and more sleep! It's always great to see you all having such a great time.


9:04 AM  

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