Saturday, August 12, 2006

Miss ya, Trisher!

So Trisher is on a plane back to Oz and it's been way too quiet around here. I found a photo of Trish having coffee and I'm sitting her with my coffee and it's almost like I'm having coffee with my teamie! Whoa nellie, I think I need to get a life!

Speaking of life, it would seem that Gabby has taken to getting herself all beat up like her human mom. She escaped on Thursday and I'm reasonably certain that in her 3 hour AWOL time she got smacked by a car. Her rear end is very sore--and her rear end is about car bumper height. She's so sore that the rabbit preening itself on the other side of the fence didn't even get her to move. Gabby not chase down and kill a rabbit? Ho ho ho, that'd never happen unless she was not feeling good.

When I take her to the vet I think I'll have them check my arm and my ass to see if they are healing properly. I like the vet a whole lot more than my real doc.

So, Anna is coming by in a bit and we're going to get into some mischief. Nat cat is racing today and I hope to hear from her soon. I think I called Betsy at 6:30 this morning. Sorry 'bout that Betz! It seemed like it was at least 8am! Mama Schmitt and I are riding in Chilton tommorrow on some charity ride. I did it last year as prep for Downers so it's prep again this year. Rachel is getting ready to move across the street and the other Rachel is sending cute updates on Cecilia..the baby couch! Next week Heather is coming in to ride Downers--yaaaa!

That's all I know, as far as the team goes. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon--


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