Friday, December 30, 2005

hmmmm bloody wind training!!!!!!!

Well I had the best training idea for Wednesday and Thursday, would save me petrol and also allow me to spend time with a good friend who had been hounding me about going to see her. She lives 40 miles from me, so I would ride out on Wednesday and ride home on Thursday..... GREAT PLAN ( or so I thought!!!)
Wednesday I had a really nice ride, tootling along enjoying the weather, not that cold about 45 and the sun was shining. I was really glad to be outside riding in the middle of the day..... This I thought was the harder of the 2 days as it was a gradual climb from my place to hers. Arrived at my friends house ( who by the way thinks I am really crazy to have even though about riding that far!!!!!) and had a great day chilling, laughing and drinking some xmas/new year cheer.
Thursday was a different story......... woke up and it looked like a fantastic day again, sunshine and no wind!!!!!!! Whoppieeeee a down hill 40 mile ride, I was blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I headed off to ride home and no less than 3 miles into the ride the wind gods started to unleash their wrath, I felt bits of gravel hit my face as trash and dirt was hurled into my face. I though holy crap what have I done to annoy the wind gods!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I battled these winds (head and cross) and my bike for a good 37miles more to get home.The closer I got to home the colder the wind got and I was heading straight into a small snow shower....... luckily got home before that let loose on me too!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say when I watched the news that night, they reported a steady wind speed of about 30 - 35 mph with gusts of around 50 - 60 mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My lesson for the day, check the friggin weather report before planning any sort of training...................... ( today it is cloudy and currently 29 so am glad that it is a gym day.........)


Anonymous Rebecca said...

Oh boy, a game of Guess the rider! I'm trying to figure out who this rider is by some of the phrasing. At first I thought it was Rachel, but then I thought she'd be at work on Thursday. So then I though it was Natalie, but I think Nat's too young to be drinking "christmas cheer." So that leaves Anna but would Anna ride outdoors in this weather? I think my next guess is....BETSY! Am I right?? --rebecca

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

oops...let me retract that guess. I just remembered it was snowing so I don't think it'd be snowing in southern California so it can't be Betsy. I'm back to thinking it's Rachel!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous NAT said...

Haha..Whom ever it was had a rough day on the bike, lol.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

It wasn't me. I was at work :( It snows in Idaho, doesn't it?

6:45 PM  

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